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R&D imaging laboratory

Juovi Imaging Lab ensures the quality testing for mobile imaging, security surveillance, image recognition, and various other aspects of image performance. We provide a comprehensive guarantee for clarity, MTF (Modulation Transfer Function), distortion, color reproduction, detail texture, dynamic range, glare, ghosting, noise, sharpening, vignetting, and more. Our laboratory employs scientific assessments to intuitively identify shortcomings in the performance of images, offering a solid foundation for the development of camera imaging.

Our testing repertoire includes the utilization of ISO 12233 resolution test charts, standard 24-color charts, distortion test charts, 20-step dynamic range test charts, skin tone test cards, and other commonly used test items. The testing equipment at our disposal comprises standard light sources, DNP lightboxes, color illuminance meters, and more.

With a focus on accuracy and reliability, we utilize industry-leading analysis software such as Imatest. This software allows us to thoroughly evaluate and analyze various aspects of image quality, providing valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of imaging devices.

Juovi Imaging Lab stands as a cornerstone for research and development in the field of camera imaging. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver precise and detailed analyses, aiding manufacturers in optimizing their camera systems. By leveraging our expertise in image testing, we assist in the enhancement of clarity, color accuracy, and overall imaging performance.

Our dedication to innovation extends to the continual exploration of new testing methodologies and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. With a foundation built on scientific rigor and technological advancement, Juovi Imaging Lab is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of imaging technology.