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Research and Development Electrical Performance Laboratory

Juovi state-of-the-art Research and Development Electrical Performance Laboratory is a cutting-edge facility designed to meet the rigorous demands of electrical product development, testing, and certification. Committed to excellence, our laboratory is equipped to perform comprehensive electrical performance tests, ensuring the stability of products under various workloads.


 Laboratory Capabilities:

Our laboratory is fully equipped with a range of advanced instruments and devices, including but not limited to:

- Agilent 66319D Programmable Power Supply: Enables precise control of power parameters for accurate testing.

- Agilent E5071C Network Analyzer: Facilitates in-depth analysis of electrical networks and components.

- Agilent N6705C DC Power Analyzer: Measures and analyzes direct current power characteristics.

- CMW500 Wireless Test System: Conducts comprehensive wireless performance testing.

- Siglent SDS 1104X-E Oscilloscope: Captures and analyzes electrical signals with high precision.

- Victor 8155 Digital Multimeter: A high-precision, versatile multimeter for various measurement needs.

- LW Audio Signal Generator: Generates audio signals for testing audio performance.

- Neware CT-4008T-5V6A-S1 Battery Tester: Specifically designed for accurate and detailed battery testing.


 Testing and Analysis:

Juovi Electrical Performance Laboratory conducts thorough tests to analyze various performance indicators of products under diverse workloads. Our testing processes involve:

  1. Stability Testing: Confirming product stability under different workloads.
  2. Performance Variation Analysis: Identifying changes in performance indicators throughout load variations.
  3. Comprehensive Electrical Analysis: Providing a detailed analysis of a product's overall electrical performance.
  4. Predicting Bottlenecks: Predicting potential bottlenecks in product performance through advanced testing.


 Expert Team:

Our laboratory is staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians who are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable results. Their expertise ensures that each product undergoes a thorough evaluation, contributing to the optimization of electrical performance.


 Certifications and Compliance:

Juovi Electrical Performance Laboratory adheres to international standards and is equipped to conduct tests required for certifications and compliance with industry regulations. Our commitment to quality ensures that products meet or exceed the necessary electrical performance criteria.


 Innovation and Future-Ready Solutions:

Continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, Juovi laboratory is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our focus on research and development ensures that our clients benefit from future-ready solutions that anticipate and address emerging challenges in electrical product development.


Choose Juovi for a partner in electrical performance testing that combines precision, expertise, and innovation. Our commitment is to empower your brand with products that excel in electrical performance and reliability.